Zakład Projektowania i Realizacji Inwestycji
Ryszard Oleś-Adamiecki

Design and Investment Implementation Company (Zakład Projektowania i Realizacji Inwestycji) "STALEX" was founded in 1989.

The company's activity is focused on comprehensive preparation and implementation of industrial investments from the project phase until the final completion of the task.

All the works are performed by reliable and well trained employees who constantly improve their qualifications thus adopting themselves to the higher and higher demands of the current market. This allows to perform even the most difficult technical tasks in a solid and professional manner.

In 2000 the company expanded its business activities to the design and installation of protective constructions and acoustic panels, entering into close cooperation with the specialists from the University of Science and Technology of Cracow and Silesian University of Technology of Gliwice.

We work quickly and efficiently and every job is equally important to us.

We guarantee high quality of performed works and short deadlines of realization.

address: 43-300 Bielsko-Biała ul. Piekarska 50
tel/fax +48 338168951 mobile +48 602697715
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